Glass Reports

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File name & number File Author Date of report Format Size in Mb Notes & content detail Reproduction notes & copyright holder
Condition_Report_J&R Cooke_August 2019 J & R Cooke August 2019 PDF 558KB 35 pages Text, illustrations and photographs TPC
TPC-SC-R1 E.Window Glass Technology Report -Martlew-2008 D. Martlew 19/10/2008 PDF 994KB 10 pages Text, image illustrations and technological drawings TPC
TPC-SC-R2 Glass Condition Report- Cooke-2008 J.&R. Cooke Dec-08 Word 5.93 29 pages Text and image illustrations TPC
TPC-SC-R3 Glass Condition Image survey East Window – Cooke 2008 J.&R. Cooke Dec-08 Word 4.23 29 pages Images and label commentary TPC
TPC-SC-R4 Conservation Report Cover and Contents-2010 J.&R. Cooke 30/10/2010 Word 82KB 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R5 Glazing Summary Conservation-Cooke-2010 J.&R. Cooke 30/10/2010 PDF 301KB 3 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R6 Reflections technology report-Martlew-2010 D. Martlew 30/10/2010 PDF 75.3KB 3 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R7 Meeting notes-Martlew-2010 D. Martlew 08/10/2010 PDF 70KB 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R8 Notes Chemical Analysis-Martlew-2010 D. Martlew 06/09/2010 PDF 590KB 5 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R9 Interim Enviromental Measure Notes-Martlew-2010 D. Martlew 05/08/2010 PDF 474KB 11 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R10 Scientific Examination of Stained Window Glass-EH Report 31-2011 English Heritage 2011 PDF 1.47 32 pages text, charts and imagery EH
TPC-SC-R11- Web record entry for Report 31-2011-EH Website 2013 English Heritage 2011 Online page 79kb 1 PAGE TEXT EH
TPC-SC-R12-Conservation legend for works-Cooke-2011 J.&R. Cooke 2011 Word 116kb 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R13-Letter -Identification list Medieval Glass finds SC tombchest-York Glaziers Trust-1990 York Glaziers Trust 1990 Paper document 2.34 1 page text TPC
TPC-SC-R14-Report -SC North windows- York Glaziers Trust -1974 York Glaziers Trust 1974 Paper document 1 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R15-Letter -Approval to replica window-EH-2011 English Heritage 2011 Jpeg 163kb 1 page text TPC
TPC-SC-R16-Letter supporting removal SC East window-Commission of replica Feb-EH-2011 English Heritage 2011 PDF 157kb 1page text TPC
TPC-SC-R17-Approval Removal SC East Window-Diocese Faculty-2011 Faculty Wakefield Diocese 2011 PDF 669kb 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R18-Image Survey SC Glass nII,nIII,nIV,nV-Cooke-2009 J.&R. Cooke 2009 Word 10.8 29 pages images and label commentary TPC
TPC-SC-R19-Invoice for Cooke Conservation work-Cooke-2012 J.&R. Cooke 2012 Word 92.8kb 1 page text TPC
TPC-SC-R20-Key legend to conservation work on SC North Windows nIII nIV and nV by J&R Cooke-2012 J.&R. Cooke 2012 Word 0.99kb 2 pages text TPC
TPC-SC-R21-Letter re Medieval Glass finds in SC tomb chest-York Glaziers Trust-1990 York Glaziers Trust 1990 Paper document 2.23 1 page text TPC
TPC-SC-R22-North windows interim invoice-Cooke-Oct 2012 J.&R. Cooke 2012 Word 92.8kb 1 page text TPC
TPC-SC-R23-Scientific Examination of Stained Window Glass-EH Report 31-2011 English Heritage 2011 Online PDF 1.47 37 pages, text, charts, images and analysis EH
TPC-SC-R24-Outline of medieval glass finds from SC tombchest-York Glaziers Trust-1990 York Glaziers Trust 1990 Paper document 3.92 1 page drawings TPC
TPC-SC-R25-Glass report-York Glaziers Trust-1974 York Glaziers Trust, C. Wardle 1974 Paper document 1 2 pages text TPC
TPC-Church-R1 Catalogue of Medieval Glass -Dissertation by L.S. Jones-University of York -1971 University of York: L.S.Jones 1971 PDF 30.6MB 130 Pages text and illustrations University of York
TPC-Church-R2 Condition report Great East Window Tree of Jesse – J&R Cooke 1998 J.&R. Cooke 1998 PDF 35.5MB 52 pages text and Images TPC
TPC-Church-R3 Conservation report Great East Window -J&R Cooke-Jan-May 2000 J.&R. Cooke 2000 PDF 2.78MB 47 Pages text and drawings TPC
TPC-Church-R4-Report on Medieval Glass-YorkGlaziers Trust-1970 York Glaziers Trust 1970 Paper document 1.13 4 pages text TPC
TPC-Church-R5-Letter Report on damage and repairs-York Glaziers Trust-Aug-1980 York Glaziers Trust 1980 Paper document 886kb 3 pages text TPC
TPC-Church-R6-Estimate for Repairs -York Glaziers Trust-July 1981 York Glaziers Trust 1981 Paper document 267kb 1 page text TPC
Thornhill nII display-1 J.&R. Cooke 2013 PDF 319kb 3 page text TPC
Thornhill replica report J.&R. Cooke 2013 PDF 320kb 3 page text TPC